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What is Free Frame Shipping (PSC)?

Get ready to revolutionize your practice's frame and Rx ordering process with Free Frame Shipping - the exciting program brought to you by ADO Practice Solutions in partnership with Walman Optical. This innovative, one-step ordering program is designed to simplify your practice's workflow and eliminate frame shipping charges, making it more efficient and cost-effective than ever before. You can access Free Frame Shipping through leading electronic ordering systems, including DVI RX Wizard, Eyefinity, Eyemed, and VisionWeb, and take advantage of the Preferred Shipping Code (PSC) to unlock even more savings. Say goodbye to wasted time and money on shipping charges and say hello to a more streamlined, exciting ordering experience with Free Frame Shipping.

Does this program delay my turnaround time?

Rest assured that Free Frame Shipping does not delay your turnaround time. Orders placed through this program are submitted to participating frame vendor partners twice a day at 9:30 AM and 12:15 PM CST. Frames will arrive at designated Walman Optical Labs within two business days for processing, ensuring that your orders are fulfilled in a timely manner. You can trust that Free Frame Shipping will not only save you money on frame shipping charges but will also provide a streamlined and efficient ordering process for your practice.

What happens if the frame is on backorder?

In the event that a frame is backordered, you will receive an email notification with the expected ship date. You will then have the option to remove the frame from your board or wait for it to become available. If you choose to remove the frame, it will be sent to your practice as soon as it arrives at the Walman Optical Lab. Alternatively, you can request to cancel the backorder, and you will not receive a replacement frame for your boards. With this streamlined process, you can make informed decisions about your inventory management and keep your practice running smoothly.

When will I be notified about backorder status?

Within 24 hours of a backorder status, you will receive an email notification sent to the designated contacts on your Free Frame Shipping account. To confirm or update your contact information, please reach out to Sara Leary at ADO Practice Solutions via phone at 612.520.6168 or by email at Stay up-to-date with your backorder status and keep your practice running smoothly with Free Frame Shipping.

If there is a frame vendor not listed on the program can I still order from the frame vendor?

While the selected frame will not qualify for Free Frame Shipping, you can still order it directly from the vendor and have it drop-shipped to your designated Walman Optical Lab. Please note that any shipping costs associated with the vendor's shipment will be applied to your invoice accordingly. While this may not be eligible for Free Frame Shipping, it is still a convenient option for obtaining the frames you need to keep your practice running smoothly.

Can I order any frame collection from participating vendors on the program?

Certainly, you can take advantage of Free Frame Shipping as long as you meet the minimum requirements for each frame vendor collection (such as Luxottica's Coach Collection). It's important to note that these minimum requirements may vary by vendor, so we recommend discussing this further with your frame vendor representative. With Free Frame Shipping, you can simplify your ordering process and eliminate shipping charges, helping you to save time and money.

Are any special services included with this program such as using uncuts, ordering a frame for a patient in another size or color, or using other labs?

The Free Frame Shipping program is designed as a comprehensive Rx program in collaboration with Walman Optical and their corresponding labs across the country. As such, it cannot be utilized with other labs or for specialized services. We believe that this streamlined approach will simplify your ordering process and eliminate frame shipping charges, helping you to optimize your practice's efficiency and profitability. Thank you for your understanding and support of Free Frame Shipping.

How are returns and warranties handled?

There are no changes to the frame vendor's current procedures for returning or exchanging frames under warranty. You can continue to follow the vendor's current requirements, which may include providing a copy of the original invoice. When you submit your completed Rx job, the Walman Optical Lab invoice and a copy of the original invoice will be included. If you require an additional copy of the invoice, please contact our Billing & Customer Service department at 800.328.9433 or We are committed to providing a seamless ordering process and supporting your practice in every way possible.

How will I be invoiced for my Free Frame Shipping (PSC) order?

When your completed job is returned by your designated Walman Optical Lab, you will receive two separate invoices - one for the work performed by the lab and another from the frame vendor. This is to ensure that you have a clear understanding of the charges and can properly manage your practice's finances. As always, we are committed to providing transparent and efficient services that support the success of your practice.

Will my frame rep get credit for the sale?

Absolutely, your dedicated sales representative will receive full credit and commission for any sales made through the Free Frame Shipping program. We value our partnerships with our sales representatives and are committed to supporting their success along with the success of your practice. Thank you for choosing ADO Practice Solutions and Walman Optical for your frame and Rx ordering needs.


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